3D Key ring to help me realize my project

If you like to help me realize my project

It is possible by participating in its financing


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My project will take place in 3 phases. Phase 1 is complete.The funding will be used to finance Phases 2 and 3.

Phase 1

  • Disassemble the jeep and restore the frame
  • Buy the electric motor
  • Fabricate parts to join the motor to the transmission
  • Fabricate the brackets and attach the electric motor to the frame






Phase 2

  • Rebuild: differentials - suspension - steering
  • Purchase batteries and controller
  • Make the parts to secure the batteries to the frame
  • Assemble and test the electrical circuit

In progress





Phase 3

  • Restoration of the body
  • Reassemble the passenger compartments
  • Manufacture of dashboard: indicator, light, switch, etc.
  • First road test

In coming

If you are participating in the financing of my project, I would like to offer you something to thank you.



For all those who will participate in the amount of $ 20 or more, I will  send them a key ring of my project realized with my 3D printer.



Once my project  finished, I will draw 10 names of people who have contributed to my project so that they can test my electric jeep.

The estimated end date of my project is summer 2018
(Individuals must have a valid driver's license in Québec)

Don’t forget to include your address when making your donation to receive your key ring.

How I printed the key ring on my 3D printer.

The key ring were made from a hand-crafted 3D printer.The parts that make up the chassis were manufactured here while the electronic and mechanical parts were bought on Ebay and Amazon.

The form is made from CAD FUSION 360 software. Link: Fusion 360

Once the shape is modeled, the data can be transmitted to the printer. Before starting printing, the bed must be level and heated.
Link: Forum Thingiverse